The Elephant in the Room is the humanist United States Constitution.

Over the past decades, Christian men and women have created ministries to cover the Elephant in the Room with Christian costumes, Godly costumes, and Biblical Principles costumes. These well-crafted, highly ornamented costumes have led generations of Christians not to see the Elephant in the Room, but the Christian, Godly, and Biblical Principles costumes. Finding these costumes pleasing to the eye and desirable for gaining wisdom, well-meaning Christians have believed and preached we are a Christian nation, a Godly nation, and a Biblical Principles nation.

But no matter how many costumes we put on the Elephant, they cannot change the Elephant into something it is not. 

So let’s peek under the costumes and see what the Elephant is. 

Is Christ acknowledged or proclaimed in the United States Constitution? No. 

Is God acknowledged or proclaimed in the U.S. Constitution? No. 

What is acknowledged in the U.S. Constitution? What is proclaimed? 

We the People are acknowledged. We the People are proclaimed.

In the United States Constitution, We the People are going to:

  1. Form a more perfect Union;
  2. Establish Justice;
  3. Insure domestic Tranquility;
  4. Provide for the common defense;
  5. Promote the general Welfare;
  6. Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity
  7. By ordaining and establishing this Constitution… 

Every one of these proclamations raises up man to achieve the prerogatives of God. This man-exaltation violates every one of God’s laws, aka Biblical Principles. An exhibition of pride at its finest, it is an affront to God’s character, His Word, His Works, His power, His Glory, His Grace, and Truth! 

Now let’s look at the Elephant sans the costuming. What is it? 

We have seen the U.S. Constitution is not Christ-centered, God-centered, or Biblical Principles-centered. So what is it? Is it ideologically-centered or nationalistically-centered? Not at all. There is not a whit of ideology or nationalism in it. 

The Preamble of the U.S. Constitution has only one subject: We the People, aka man. In the U.S. Constitution, everything comes from man. This makes it man-centered. Because it is man-centered, it is a humanist constitution. It is the Elephant in the Room that many Christian ministries have been hiding under their fine-sounding narratives. 

Now, after 230 years, the We the People humanist seed has grown into a tree producing a glut of humanist fruit feeding the world daily, and the whole world knows disaster is looming. As every day gets worse, isn’t there something we Christians can do to stop this disaster? You know, If my people who are called by my Name…? 

Perhaps there is something. First, let’s look at what we have done so far. 

Have we twenty-first century Christians fallen to our knees and begged God’s forgiveness for exalting our humanist Constitution? Have we done anything to change our humanist U.S. Constitution? 

Tragically, the answer is no. Instead of humbling ourselves, seeking God’s face, and turning from our wicked ways, Christians continue to costume the Elephant in the Room; protect the narrative that the U.S. Constitution is based on Biblical Principles and therefore is Christian and Godly; and promulgate this Biblical Principles narrative to the generations.  

Another narrative trickling into the limelight is to admit God should be acknowledged in the U.S. Constitution while simultaneously upholding the U.S. Constitution is based on Biblical Principles, and therefore it is Christian and Godly. But if the Constitution is already Christian, Godly, and Biblically based, why change it?

Lastly, some Christian ministries want to sweep the fact the U.S. Constitution is a humanist constitution under the rug for fear the founders’ stellar reputations—a narrative they created and promulgated—will be tarnished. In truth, the founders do not need twenty-first century American Christians justifying their actions. Similar to King David counting his fighting men and the apostle Peter denying Jesus three times, the founders knew what they were doing and they did what they did. No hard feelings. God has His plan.

Yet, these Christian ministries continue spending their resources justifying the founders in lieu of spending those resources righting the wrong. Thus, the question arises: Are these ministries truly concerned about the reputation of the founders or are they concerned about their own reputations because they have spent their careers denying the U.S. Constitution is a humanist constitution in order to advance their false narratives?

Because we are supposed to learn from history, just as we do not justify King David’s order to count his fighting men or the apostle Peter’s denial of Jesus, similarly we should not justify what the founding fathers did. Instead, we should learn from it and, as We the People, fix it.

How simple it would have been for them to acknowledge God and Christ just as the Mayflower Compact had done! Instead, they chose We the People, and ever since the United States has been a beacon to the world of We the People at the top, exchanging God’s glory for man’s. Because We the People is now indelibly marked in history and is the birthright of generations, to right this wrong will be a die-hard battle.

If we are going to make a last ditch stand for our nation before God, it is clear the time is now, and it is clear what we must do. We must use our resources to do everything possible to rid ourselves of the Elephant in the Room and replace it with a Constitution that is Godly, Christian, and based on Biblical Principles.  

Ready to Return to Our Roots?

The New Preamble to the United State Constitution