R.M., North Platte, Nebraska

“My favorite Scripture (in the Workbook)was Psalm 105:1 because we as a people all too often forget to thank God for all His blessings!" “(I would recommend this Workshop to friends and family because) it is trying to get everyone on the same page. Whether you are Democrat, Republican ...

J.O., Elizabethton, Tennessee

“(The Workshop) was enlightening, well put together to help you see the situation based on the truth of the Word of God and the importance of a change.” “(My favorite Scripture) was Matthew 12:37. It shows the importance of having god in our preamble! By our words (or in ...

E.B., Newbury Park, California

“The content was very interesting and the discussion that it engendered really made me think about why God should be included in America’s documents.” “(My favorite Preamble of the nations) was Egypt because I thought it was cool that it acknowledged all thee Abrahamic religions.” “(The Workshop) taught me ...

Collins O., Kenya

“America being a Christian nation must recognise God in everything they do to provide leadership rightfully to the whole world.” “If God is not acknowledged in its documents then it may be interpreted that the document is supreme over God.” “(My favorite preamble of the nations was the Philippines) ...

T.B, Crawford, Nebraska

“My favorite Scripture (from the Workbook) was Romans 1:28-31. This is what could happen to our nation if we refuse to acknowledge God. (My favorite state preamble) was North Carolina’s. It gratefully acknowledges God for preservation of the American Union and our dependence upon Him and for his continued ...

Dece L., California

How can a nation establish a moral society apart from the light of God? Praying for favor and success if this project! - Dece L., Messianic Pastor, Glendale, California

Tim, Crawford, Nebraska

Last week, when I asked for a show of hands at my church for all those who believe God is acknowledged in the US Constitution I was surprised to see 100% hands up. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at all, because before the truth donned on me, I ...

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The New Preamble to the United States Constitution


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